Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (Monbukagakusho/MEXT) Scholarship

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan (Monbukagakusho/MEXT) offers scholarship for those who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies at Japanese Higher Education Institutions/Universities as a research student.

There are 2 (two) tracks in applying for MEXT Scholarship:

  1. G to G Track

This track is based on cooperation between the government of Japan and your home country. Applicants must apply through the Embassy of Japan in each country and be recommended by the Embassy.

  1. U to U Track

This track is based on cooperation between universities in Japan and you home university. You must check whether your home university has an MOU/cooperation agreement with the university in Japan where you intend to study. Applications must be recommended by your home university.

Scholarship Coverage:

  1. Tuition Fee
  2. Living allowance approximately ¥143.000/month(research students), ¥144.000/month (Master student), ¥145.000/month (Doctorate student).
  3. Round-trip International Flight Ticket Indonesia – Japan
  4. Student Visa to Japan
  5. Some universities provides dormitory. Universities which does not provide dormitory will assist student in finding accommodation if needed. The accommodation fee will be paid from the allowance.

*this is the general coverage, it might be slightly different for each host university/program

Application Procedures

MEXT Scholarship procedures at each host university in Japan is different, including their deadline of submission. Therefore we strongly advise applicants to keep note on the deadline of the host university they are intend to apply. One of the requirements for University Recommendation (U to U) track is a letter of recommendation from UGM to support the applicant to apply under the agreement between both institutions. The application procedures is as follow:

  1. Check whether the host university in Japan that you intend to apply has cooperation with UGM or not through the following link:
  2. Approximately 2-4 weeks before the deadline from the host university, please submit all documents required (compiled in one PDF form) for the intended program to the Office of International Affairs UGM, through the OIA online submission at and email at to be reviewed and assessed before we issue the recommendation letter. Please keep in mind that we need time to process your documents so you will have time to send your application on schedule.
  3. In addition to the complete documents required by the host university, we require applicants to also submit letter of recommendation/nomination from your home faculty addressed to the Head Office of International Affairs for your application.
  4. We advise applicants to send the documents directly to the host university in order to keep informed of the application status (unless required by the host university for the home university to send the application directly).


General Requirements University Recommendation (U to U) :
*Please note that each university and might have different/additional requirements.

  1. Maximum age of 34 years old on April 1 in the year of departure.
  2. Graduates D4 / S1 / S2.
  3. Choosing a field of study that is inline as the field of study at the previous education level.
  4. Preferably a minimum GPA of 3.2/4.0at the end of previous education
  5. Attach one of the certificates of proficiency in English or Japanese
  6. Attach a research plan (research proposal)
  7. Attach other required documents such as diplomas, grade transcripts, letters of recommendation etc. * depending on the request of the host university
  8. Have a letter of acceptance from the professor at the host university
  9. Health Certificate
  10. Willing to learn Japanese for those who have not mastered Japanese

Further Information:
If you have further questions regarding the application and procedures, kindly contact the Office of International Affairs UGM, Bulaksumur no. F13, Yogyakarta through email at:


JASSO Student Exchange Support Program

(Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan)

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) each year offers scholarships for international students, which are available for the qualified students accepted by Japanese universities or graduate schools under the student exchange agreement on a short-term basis from three months up to one year.  The Program is intended to promote international student exchange between Japanese and overseas universities, thereby mutually enhancing the quality of their educational and scholastic activities while promoting mutual understanding and friendship between countries.


Partner University in Japan will recommend qualified incoming exchange students for this JASSO Scholarship.

 Please note [IMPORTANT]:

 [Qualification and conditions]

Applicants must be a student currently enrolled in a regular course of study at an overseas university or graduate school and must satisfy all of the following qualifications and conditions. Exchange Program Coordinators at the students’ home institution are requested to check that the applicants satisfy all of the following qualification and conditions:

[Grading standard example designated by JASSO]

above 2.30 GPA points on the grading of 4 scales.

Grade       Score    GPA points
     A 100-80      3
     B        70-79      2
     C        60-69      1
     F        0-59      0

    Please note:


[Contents of scholarship]

Scholarship: \80,000 per month (for up to 12 months).

[Duration of scholarship]

From three months up to twelve months (one year).

[Application procedures and deadline]

Direct applications sent to JASSO by students or home institutions will not be accepted.

[Screening by JASSO]

JASSO will screen the annual plan and application documents submitted by the Japanese host institutions and decide on the scholarship number grantees at a selection committee of specialists and related government personnel.

[Notice of JASSO’s screening results]

Japanese host institution will notify the exchange program coordinator of the home institution of the results of the screening by JASSO.

For more information regarding JASSO Scholarship go to: