[China] Beijing University – Forbidden City Scholarship

[Scholarship is offered for this program] Opportunity for Master Degree with Scholarship Majoring in Electronic and Communication Engineering in Beijing University of posts and Telecommunications, China School of Information and Communication Engineering (SICE) in Beijing University of posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), is seeking highly motivated international students with supports of scholarship (Forbidden City Scholarship).  For […]

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[South Korea] Hanseo University – Hanseo Global Leadership Camp 2018

[This program is self-funded] Hanseo University was established in the year of 1991 under the founding sprites of Creativity, Confidence and Contribution. We grow international leaders according to our founding spirits. Hanseo University started its volunteer activity in 2006 at devastated area in Indonesia by a big earthquake. We are sending 12~15 student volunteers twice […]

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News Release


Summer School

DREaM 2018

Universitas Gadjah Mada proudly presents the 10th DREaM International Students Summer Program 2018, organized by the Office of International Affairs (OIA) with the continued support and contribution of students and staffs. DREaM 2018 will be held on July 18 – 31, 2018. Students are involved in various activities such as two days of public lectures, followed by three days of internship, one day of workshop action plan, four days of community service and cultural excursions around Yogyakarta.

This year’s theme is “Reinventing Education in the Era of Disruption”, emphasizing on the importance of education and its existence in the present days which is heading towards a disruptive era. Through DREaM 2018, students from around the world can learn more about this issue and its actual implementation in the community. The younger generation may be initiators for the solution in reinventing education in the society and inspire others to make a better world for us and for our future generations, especially in the era of disruption. The program will see representatives from educators, policymakers, civil society, entrepreneurs and researchers involve in series of discussion and sharing ideas, opportunities and obstacles in the relationships between their respective spheres of influence.

Further information: oia.ugm.ac.id/dream