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[Austria] University of Vienna – Vienna Master of Arts in Human Rights

University of Vienna currently opening the application rounds for the sixth generation of students and hope to attract as many national and international students who wish to become Human Rights practioners and defenders. The first deadline for applications is already on 26 February 2017. For further information please go to: http://humanrights.univie.ac.at

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Featured tohoku UJP 2017

[Japan] Tohoku University – Tohoku University Japanese Program (TUJP) 2017

[Scholarship is offered for this program] This summer intensive program provides students of our partner institutions with an opportunity to discover Japan through diverse learning experiences in English. The program offers intensive Japanese language classes for both beginner and pre-intermediate learners, topical seminars in Japanese culture and society, a home-stay, and other cultural activities including […]

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Nobel Event

We are delighted to inform you that Universitas Gadjah Mada in collaboration with International Peace Foundation is organizing the Nobel Laureates Lecture Series in Yogyakarta as part of the 6th ASEAN BRIDGES Events in Indonesia – Dialogues Toward a Culture of Peace. Within this event, Universitas Gadjah Mada attempts to establish long-term relationships through the Nobel Laureates by enhancing science, technology and education as a basis for peace and development also to lead a better cooperation for the advancement of peace, freedom and security in Indonesia.

This series of lectures will be represented by the honorable 1993 Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine, Dr. Sir Richard J. Roberts entitled ‘Why You Should Love Bacteria’ and 1979 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, Prof. Sheldon L. Glashow entitled ‘How Basic Science Drives Technological Process.’ Dr. Sir Richard J. Roberts is a Research Director at New England Biolabs in Massachusetts/USA, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discoveries of split genes and mRNA splicing whereas Prof. Sheldon Lee Glashow was awarded the Nobel Prize together with Prof. Abdus Salam and Prof. Steven Weinberg for their complementary efforts in formulating the electroweak theory which explains the unity of electromagnetism and the weak force.

This event will be held at the Grha Sabha Pramana Hall, Universitas Gadjah Mada, starting at 9 AM. It is also OPEN and FREE for all individuals of higher education institutions / universities, research and other relevant institutions who are actively involved and interested in the topics of the lectures as it would be a great opportunity to broaden network and knowledge in the area of expertise. Having considered the importance of this public lecture, we would like to cordially invite you to participate in this event.

Prior registration is mandatory. Only participants receiving positive email confirmation from Eventbrite will be accepted into the event. Please kindly register at: http://ugm.id/nobel

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