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The 7th UGM DREaM International Summer Program 2015 is proudly organized by Office of International Affairs (OIA) of Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), with relentless support and contribution of student volunteers. The 7th UGM DREaM International Student Summer Program 2015 highlights “food security” as the main topic. This world is facing so many problems these days, and food has been under the spotlight. We cannot rely on how we eat today forever because we have a crisis in global food reserves. This issue is related to many things in the process, including global health and fairness in management. Food efficieny that has big roles for enviromental health, economic vitality, also social equity and human health may sound complicated but not an impossible thing to do. Furthermore, even though many countries have been concerning food security, the world seems to need a lot more contributions. In this case, young generation is needed because we believe that the young generation has fresh ideas. Through the 7th UGM DREaM International Summer Program 2015, students from all over the world can learn about food security and make a real act in society. Young generation can be innovators for solutions of the food issue and inspire others to make a better world for us and for our future generations.


The 6th DREaM Diary

Outline of Action Plans
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Martina’s Diary: “DREaM UGM 2014 – day 8″

On August 16th 2014 we had our first day of Workshop Action Plan. I am in Group E with Hirotomo Yamada, Mohammad Hizwan Shah bin Hu, Kai Ohta, Norfattera Izzaty binti Mazri, and Yuina Hiramatsu. First, we got lecture from Mr. Bambang Suwidnyo about backgrounds, objects and descriptions of community service. Community service is implementing […]

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Composter (bigger in size than usual for producing more fertilizer)
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Martina’s Diary: “DREaM UGM 2014 – day 7″

Today was our last day in internship. We had sharing today about the internship that we had in three days. We were interested in this internship for it was a brandnew experience for all of us. It was our first time to make ashtrays from styrofoam waste and pencil cases from plastic waste. We were […]

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