What is DREaM?

DREaM is an annual summer program arranged by Universitas Gadjah Mada and made for international students who wants to know more about Indonesia, both from a cultural and educational aspect. DREaM held anually in Special Region of Yogyakarta. DREaM offers different concept of summer program with new experience in various activities.

DREaM 2016

The 8th DREaM will be held in August 2016 with theme:

 Managing the Blue Planet: Ocean and Coastal Zone Management for Security, Prosperity and Peace

DREAM 2017


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Registration is Now Open!

DREaM 2016 Poster

DREaM 2016 Registration is Now Open!

The Office of International Affairs of Universitas Gadjah Mada is glad to announce that the registration for DREaM 2016 is now open as of April 1st, 2016. DREaM is a 14 days international student summer program dedicated for undergraduate students all over the world that is being held annually. This year marks the 8th year […]

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It’s a mind opener. Every other participants, committee members, and volunteers I interacted with made me rethink my point of view on various things. It’s also fun and exciting as we learn and play together. There are so many things I want to share about the programme but in lack of better words: you simply have to experience it!

Testimonial from Our Participant in DREaM 2015 Jennifer Sidharta (Universitas Multimedia Nusantara)

First, I was glad to join this program, and I cannot thank you enough to committee. This program have many activities, so the 2 weeks were fulfilling. Especially, community service and intern broaden my horizons. I had never been to abroad and I did not know village of other countries. The people there were very kind. Lastly , the most important thing of this program was that I can met many foreign friends! It was stimulating for me.

Testimonial from Our Participant in DREaM 2015 Misato Nakajima (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

During DREaM 2015, I got a lot of experiences and knowledge about food security and Indonesia’s culture as well. The DREaM team had made this program excel and be one of the best program that I had ever joined. They gave us a very good hospitality. They also arranged for us a lot of amazing programme and activities related to the food security and Indonesia. I’m glad to meet the DREaM team and the participants. All of you make a lot of memorable moments in my life. I hope that we can meet again someday.

Testimonial from Our Participant in DREaM 2015 Mohammad Harith Afizi bin Azali (Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka)

I just learned about DREaM, this is my first time being invited. But I think it’s important to realize that a lot of different students coming from different cultures learning from each other. Awareness raising I think is the best teaching. They can learn about different cultures and different eating habits maybe. So I think it’s good for social exchange, it’s a good idea.

Testimonial from Our Speaker in DREaM 2015 Mark Smulders, M.Sc. (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations/FAO Representative in Indonesia)

It was a great pleasure meeting you all at the DREaM program. Not only our students but also our faculty including I were inspired by your enthusiasm and professionalism.

Testimonial from Our Speaker in DREaM 2015 Sachi Ninomiya-Lim, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, International Center, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology)

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Saralee’s Diary : 15 August 2015

Today was the first day of workshop action plan. We were divided into 5 groups which were fermented soybean, tofu, chips, copra, and livestock and biogas. Also, we were divided into 4 groups for host family. The head of the first house is Mr. munawan, Mr. Sumadi, Pak Jumali and Pak Didik, respectively. We were […]

Saralee’s Diary : 11 August 2015

Today was the second day for the scheduled public lectures. There were three cluster speakers from various agricultural field. First speaker was Agusdin Pulungan and he covered the area of food economy background while second speaker Ir. Suharto spook about food fairness background. Last speaker was Prof. Dr. Ir. Umar Santoso who gave a lecture […]

Saralee’s Diary : 12 August 2015

Today was our first day of our internship. After we had our breakfast, each group; food economy, food fairness and food production were separated to different location to work with their respective NGOs. For the first day of the internship, our group, food production, went to Roemah Organik. We started with small lecture of how […]

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