What is DREaM?

DREaM is an annual summer program arranged by Universitas Gadjah Mada and made for international students who wants to know more about Indonesia, both from a cultural and educational aspect. DREaM held anually in Special Region of Yogyakarta. DREaM offers different concept of summer program with new experience in various activities.

DREaM 2016

The 8th DREaM will be held in August 2016 with theme:

 Managing the Blue Planet: Ocean and Coastal Zone Management for Security, Prosperity and Peace

DREAM 2017



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There are so many meaningful moments deserved to be kept in mind forever, from the topic of this program to every single DREaM staffs, from the distinct cultural traditions to citizens in Indonesia, which have given us a marvelous experience in a totally different country from China. I would like to give my all sincere praise to the DREaM Team, an organization can be definitely called perfect. In a word, this team offered me an unique memory. I have to say that I really appreciate people in Jogja, especially the villagers we met with. Their most kindness of them let us have a completely special experience in the beautiful village. Thanks to DREaM 2016 Summer Program, we harvested so much... Indonesia, I love you once, I love you twice, I love you more than beans and rice!
Testimonial from Our Participant in DREaM 2016 Zhang Jinjing (Wuhan Textile University)
It is such a pleasure and an honor to be part of 2016 DREaM International Summer, I truly appreciate the opportunity which was offered to me by the Office of International Affairs to be part of this great program where I found that the program has honed my personal traits and  met my horizons. I personally benefited a lot from the program, through a series of both academics and entertainments, like workshops, public lectures, internships, community service, adventure, above all meeting and making new friends from other corners of the world. All these kinds of programs were amazing and with my  whole heart I do encourage all other students around the globe not to miss this program next year. Thank you for the life changing gift the DREaM Summer  Program, has awarded me.
Testimonial from Our Participant in DREaM 2016 Nteza Fazil (KNB UGM)
My participation in the DREaM 2016 program, Managing the Blue Planet: Ocean and Coastal Zone Management for Security, Prosperity and Peace,  was a delight. Not only were the participants provided with phenomenal lectures and public sessions, we had a chance to experience a side of Yogyakarta that very few get to see. Our time working on the village community service program was a highlight of the trip and allowed all of the students the opportunity to ask important questions and make meaningful connections. Living with a homestay family gave me valuable insight into Javanese culture. I look forward to reconnecting to all of the participants, observers, committee and community members again in the future. Sampai jumpa lagi!
Testimonial from Our Participant in DREaM 2016 Laura Mulvey (TUFTS University)
I just learned about DREaM, this is my first time being invited. But I think it’s important to realize that a lot of different students coming from different cultures learning from each other. Awareness raising I think is the best teaching. They can learn about different cultures and different eating habits maybe. So I think it’s good for social exchange, it’s a good idea.
Testimonial from Our Speaker in DREaM 2015 Mark Smulders, M.Sc. (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations/FAO Representative in Indonesia)
The annual event of Universitas Gadjah Mada, DREaM, has already in its 8th year and it has been going on very well in every year. It's not only for the development of UGM and Indonesia but also for a better world. I believe this program could strengthen the solidarity of young generation among all the nations in the world.
Testimonial from Our Speaker in DREaM 2016 Prof. Dr. Ir. Rokhmin Dahuri, MS.

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Saralee’s Diary : 13 August 2015

Internship day 2 was conducted at IAAS (International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences). There, we observed how implants were planted in sand soil and how an alternative plantation can be organized and created. What I noticed was the fact they plant shallot in the vegetables bed as well as having chili and […]

Saralee’s Diary : 14 August 2015

Today our group went to Sabila Farm which is an organic dragon fruit farm. We started by taking group photo and drink pink-guava-blended. After that, we had a farm tour where we learnt how to differentiate between 4 species of dragon fruits; White Flesh, Red Flesh, Dark Red Flesh and Yellow Skin. The tour was […]

Saralee’s Diary : 15 August 2015

Today was the first day of workshop action plan. We were divided into 5 groups which were fermented soybean, tofu, chips, copra, and livestock and biogas. Also, we were divided into 4 groups for host family. The head of the first house is Mr. munawan, Mr. Sumadi, Pak Jumali and Pak Didik, respectively. We were […]

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