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What Is OEX?

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused many activities to be postponed or even canceled. While people from all walks of life have been affected by this situation, students are not exempted. OEX (Overseas Education Expo) is the rescue for students who are lost in finding opportunities to maximize their potentials during the pandemic. Through OEX, students can learn more about study abroad opportunities and make their dream come true. OEX offers a virtual education fair that facilitates students and partner universities to connect with each other. Moreover, OEX serves as a platform to learn more about study abroad opportunities available from a range of different universities and study programs. Even during the pandemic, there are still ways for you to expand your capabilities and learn about the world!

Study Abroad

Every student has an opportunity to pursue a study abroad. Study abroad is a program for students who would like to take a course in a partner university, usually located overseas. Every year, many universities invite students to study in their rigorous and knowledge-rich programs. Studying abroad will not only give you more knowledge, but also expand your network and expose you to a whole new environment where you can grow as a person. Learn more about study abroad opportunities:

Event Calendar

Check out our schedule for the event. There are a lot of things that can broader your range of studying abroad. Don’t miss out the live event. But if you do miss out, we got the recordings for you.

Partner Universities

UGM has collaborated with more than 400 highly reputable universities around the world. The aim is to develop and strengthen more mutual collaborations between UGM with universities and institutions abroad. At OEX, we bring numerous of partner for opening study abroad possibilities.

Alumni Testimonial

Eka Putri Febrianti
“Hello, my name is Eka Putri Febrianti. I’m from Airlangga University and I’m taking Islamic Economy major. I participated in a student exchange… for one semester at the International Islamic University of Malaysia. My first impression was so excited and so amazed because it was my first experience in moving abroad … thankful because I was placed in an international campus. By studying abroad, we can find out many things that we couldn’t find in our country about new knowledge, culture, … make a new friend who can give us insights that we can’t get in our country.”
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Steve Edpin
“My name is Steve. I graduated from the University of New South Wales taking a bachelor of commerce with international business and information systems. There were a lot of friends who were willing to help me, so overall my perspective during the first year of my time there was quite positive. The city was diverse in terms of culture… I had the chance to befriend people from various backgrounds. My suggestion for this is, you have to understand the culture you will be in and by understanding that culture you can develop some kind of empathy towards that culture."
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Yesika Princess
"Hello, my name is Yesika. I’m from Taylor’s University. I’m currently studying for a Bachelor of Design in Creative Media with a partial scholarship so I didn’t pay the full tuition fee. From my experience, by moving to a different place, I need to be mindful and respectful of their culture. It might take time to adapt but overall you will gain more experience from it. I have a really good short tip, bring a universal plug! And of course, bring anything that makes you feel at home!"
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