NCKU 2015 International Summer School is open. Scheduled for July 21st to Aug. 4th (Session 1) and Aug. 6th to Aug. 20th(Session 2). Featuring “Creative Thinking in the Historical Capital” with cross disciplinary themes in Chinese and Taiwanese Culture, humanities, creativity and entrepreneurship, our summer program this year consists of 10 academic courses including Chinese Language, cultural classes such as Chinese Painting and Chinese Cuisine, and field trips to cultural heritage and company visit to high-tech companies such as Delta Electronics in Tainan Science and Technology Park.

NCKU would like to offer SATU member universities with a 20% discount off the program fee as an incentive to facilitate student mobility. Please fill in the attached form and contact us via to acquire the discount code. The online registry of our program opens on 10th Feb.2015, and closes on 1st June. 

Program fee Appilication fee Accommodation fee
1 Session(2 weeks) USD900 USD55 USD150
2 Sessions(4 weeks) USD1500 USD55 USD250

Tainan was the first capital of Taiwan for more than 200 years and inherited the spirit from Taiwanese culture. Education at NCKU emphasizes on both fundamentals and creative application in solving problems, with passion and love, in helping every individual in the society and eventually restituting back to our environment and nature. Through this occasion of our International Summer School, we would like to invite your students to broaden their horizons to the Far-East, where National Cheng Kung University serves as the gateway!

Starting from the summer of 2013 and led by NCKU, the International Summer School has been organized by Taiwan Comprehensive University System(TCUS), a distinguished university alliance in Taiwan consisting of NCKU and three other top national universities. Students are also welcomed to select summer courses in the other three universities through the TCUS alliance encompassing a broader scope of classes offered. Please find our poster attached.

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