Undergraduate Exchange Program in Tohoku (Social Science)

The International Program in Liberal Arts (IPLA) will give overseas students the opportunity to study Japan through a strong Liberal Arts curriculum taught in English. The program also offers Japanese language and culture classes in order to provide students with an understanding of the Japanese language and customs.

Intellectual exchange with Japanese students is an important part of the program and is achieved through group activities and interaction with local Japanese students both in classes and as extracurricular activities.


You are eligible for this program if:

  1. Enrolled as a student of Universitas Gadjah Mada
  2. 2nd or 3rd year student at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences or Faculty of Economics and Business

Required Documents

  1. Tohoku University Application for International Program in Economics and Management
  2. Statement of Purpose / Study Plan (one A4 page; Please be specific)
  3. Academic transcript
  4. Letter of recommendation from your advising professor
  5. Certificate of Enrollment at your home university
  6. Certificate of Health
  7. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)
  8. A photocopy of the applicant’s Passport (identification page with applicant’s photo and name)
  9. Four photographs (3cm×4cm) (Application, Application for CoE, Student ID, spare)
  10. Application for JASSO scholarship (two forms)
  11. A copy of certificate of language proficiency (if any)
  12. Letter of nomination from Head of the Faculty addressed to Head of Office of International Affairs UGM

Documents Submission

Two copies of application documents must be submited at Office of International Affairs UGM by 15 April 2010

Course Information

Detailed information about IPLA syllabus can be found here


9 Responses to “Undergraduate Exchange Program in Tohoku (Social Science)”

  1. dizz says:

    ini program kyk kursus bhasa jepang lngsng ke jepang gtu y??
    ni slama brapa lama? trz living cost d jepangnya d support lwat scholarship or byar sndri? gak btuh hsl toefl ya??

  2. aan says:

    program ini 100% di biayai atau dengan biaya sendiri?

  3. aan says:

    program ini 100% di biayai atau dengan biaya sendiri??

  4. Isep Parid Yahya says:

    Berapa skor minimal TOEFL? bisa pake toefl like?

  5. yudistira1 says:

    apakah ini sdh dapat scholarship? tks.

  6. deviayun says:

    only for Economics and Management programs?

  7. kojirohyuga says:

    sayang saya sudah berada pd semester 6 berjalan..

  8. putri says:

    aduh, saya baru buka.. tp berkas2 sudah lumayan lengkap,,

    kalau surat nominasinya nyusul bisa ndak ya?

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