Saralee’s Diary : 15 August 2015

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Today was the first day of workshop action plan. We were divided into 5 groups which were fermented soybean, tofu, chips, copra, and livestock and biogas. Also, we were divided into 4 groups for host family. The head of the first house is Mr. munawan, Mr. Sumadi, Pak Jumali and Pak Didik, respectively. We were recommended to bring clothes for 4 days and 3 nights, hat or umbrella to protect us from the sunlight, stationary, documentation devices like camera and video record. More importantly, we need to bring special art wearing for Global Village performance. After we have been briefing about Global Village Community activity, we had our first workshop action plan with two lecturers from UGM. We did not only had indoor activity today but also excursion to Desa Wisata for making batik and pottery. Participants were really exciting to make batik handkerchief and coloring the pottery. We also learned how to make a cup from hardened clay. Many of us had chance to produce a master pieces and bring it back as a souvenir. After this outdoor activities, we fill in an energy by having dinner at Waroeng Pohon/ House of tree. We were simply ate chicken and water spinach fried (kankung). We finally reached the hotel at 9pm.

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