Saralee’s Diary : 14 August 2015

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Today our group went to Sabila Farm which is an organic dragon fruit farm. We started by taking group photo and drink pink-guava-blended. After that, we had a farm tour where we learnt how to differentiate between 4 species of dragon fruits; White Flesh, Red Flesh, Dark Red Flesh and Yellow Skin. The tour was short and afterward, we continued having lecture sessions. First we learned about general background of Sabila Farm, then next we moved to learn how to plant and harvest the dragon fruit. During the lecturing session, we ate the other fresh fruit from Sabila Farm like watermelon, mango, white yam, and rose apple. We were not only theoretical studying but also we had to practice what we learned in the farm. We had a chance to plant the dragon fruit with both using concrete and wooden pole. Also, the proportion of fertilizer and what are the composition. We also learned how to paint batik and how to color after it. The farm products that we had tried of course is not only the fresh dragon fruits but also the smoothies, ice cream and cookies. At the evening, it was shopping time at Malioboro. We got 2 hours for money-spending along Malioboro road. Some participants bought a lot of batik while others only tried street food. However, we all ended up with having dinner at Pondok Cabe before headed back after a long exhausted day.

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