Saralee’s Diary : 12 August 2015

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Today was our first day of our internship. After we had our breakfast, each group; food economy, food fairness and food production were separated to different location to work with their respective NGOs. For the first day of the internship, our group, food production, went to Roemah Organik. We started with small lecture of how to make an organic fertilizer and what are the potential of alternative food. We were able to mix the fertilizer by ourselves and plant a small chili in the plastic pot. At lunch time, we had chance to eat “Segowiwit”. It is the traditional food that farmer usually eat before harvesting. The name itself literally mean “start harvesting”. We went to the rice field to practice traditional harvesting and observe alternative plantation such as, shrimp farming and fish farming in the rice field. Many participants really enjoyed manual harvesting in the real field. Farmer also distributed local fruits to us, the fruit name name is “Salak” or Snakefruits. Then, participants from Japan started saying “Oishi” which mean “Enak” in Indonesian language. Over and above all this is another huge experience for today.

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