Saralee’s Diary : 11 August 2015

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Today was the second day for the scheduled public lectures. There were three cluster speakers from various agricultural field. First speaker was Agusdin Pulungan and he covered the area of food economy background while second speaker Ir. Suharto spook about food fairness background. Last speaker was Prof. Dr. Ir. Umar Santoso who gave a lecture regarding food production. After lunch, we had an internship briefing from representatives of different NGOs. Since I chose food production, I had the chance to learn about three NGOs from IAAS (International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences), Roemah Organik, and Sabila Farm. It is not only food production participants to introduce themselves but also the representatives of each NGOs. This is where we get to know each other before start the internship in the next following day. Today we had our dinner at Sendang Ayu. It is the restaurant that visitors had to take barge boat to cross to it. After dinner, we headed to Prambanan Temple as our second excursion place for the day. There, we watched Ramayana full story performance. It was 2 hours performance that tells the true based story of Prambanan Temple’s wall. The visit to the temple was our last station for us for the day, we headed after it back to our hotel to relax and sleep.

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