Program Outline

Program Outline of The 10th UGM DREaM 2018

  • Public Lecture

    Lecturing has become one of main features in UGM DREaM International Students Summer Program. Through public lecture, participants will be given further understanding on the importance of education and its existence in the present days which is heading towards a disruptive era. The topic will be delivered directly from the experts, professionals, high-caliber scholars and practitioners who dedicate their life to this field.

  • Internship

    Internship will provide participants with contextual understanding to comprehend the role of formal education in the era of disruption. In this program, participants will also learn the best practices and lesson learned from the outstanding individual local practitioners and NGOs who are dealing with the related issues in their daily basis.

  • Workshop

    Workshop action plan will be held before the Community Service program. This activity is created for participants to analyze problems as well as potentials in the community. The discussion will be lead by the representative(s) from Directorate of Community Service and former community service teams. They will provide participants with a better grasp about the value of Community Service program which has been one of the root of UGM.

  • Fieldworks

    This activity play a significant role in bridging socio-cultural gap and building amity among international students. International students will enjoy the lively atmosphere of Yogyakarta through amusing excursions to a variety of tourism sites. Legendary temples from the ancient Javanese era, enchanting royal palace, museums and commercial districts are all already in our agenda.

  • Cultural Events and Ceremonials

    Cultural events and ceremonials will involve international students to enjoy the lively cultural events of Yogyakarta, such as gamelan the traditional music of Java, traditional dance and many more.

  • Community Service

    In this activity, participants will spend four days and three nights in the rural area of Yogyakarta and will be split into groups accordingly. This is the chance for participants to implement what they have been learning during the Workshop to the communities. They will have chances to experience and participate in various activities ranging from exploring the village’s nature beauty to assisting children and youths in the classroom. While in the evening, they will have a chance to introduce their culture to the local communities and other participants through art performances.

  • Alumni Gathering

    To celebrate one decade of DREaM, the committee members organizing a special event called ‘Alumni Gathering’ to bring back the pleasant memories of the successful journey of DREaM Summer Program. We are delighted to invite all alumni of DREaM participants, committees, as well as the volunteers to join this special event. This reunion is a unique opportunity to meet up with old friends and see how DREaM has changed. Also to give the chance to build network and reconnect with fellow DREaM alumni.

    The alumni can take part in daytime activities such as fun outing and enjoy the closing reception of DREaM 2018 as well as some added extras to make the event a memorable one! It will take place on 31 July 2018 and let us know your attendance by registering yourself through registration form. We hope you can join and spread the news about this precious event. See you at DREaM Alumni Gathering!

General rundown can be download here.