Frequently Asked Questions

What Is DREaM 2017?

DREaM is a 15 days International Students Summer program dedicated for undergraduate and postgraduate students all over the world that is being held annually. It offers a combination of academics, social, cultural, and tourism activities. Through DREaM 2017, participants will be involved in a series of lecturing, action-plan workshop, internship, community service, and social activities program. This year, DREaM 2017 will be held from the 13th to 26th of August 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Who Organizes DREaM 2017?

DREaM 2017 is organized by Universitas Gadjah Mada under the coordination of the Office of International Affairs.


Why Should I Join DREaM 2017?

Different from other Summer Programs, DREaM 2017 will enable you to enhance your understanding towards the development of Resilient Society directly from our honorable speakers, get involved in a small project organized by our NGOs and research centers partners, experience living in Indonesian traditional families and society through our four-days community service in order to contribute to the society, and get to know Indonesia and other cultures through our series of social activities program. As an academic program, DREaM 2017 provides credit earning for the students to endorse their studies. Moreover, at the end of the program, all participants will receive certificate to acknowledge your participation and contribution on DREaM 2017 as participants.


Am I Eligible?

To join DREaM 2017 you need to meet requirements as follows:

  • An undergraduate/postgraduate student from any major/departments.
  • Have strong academic background
  • Good command in English (proven by English Language proficiency certificate)
  • Independent and able to work as a team


If I am a graduate student or an observer from a certain university or institution, am I also eligible?

You should kindly contact us through our Participant Coordinator for your eligibility.


Where will I stay during the program?

Participants will be arranged to stay in one same hotel during the program except during community service where participants will stay with the local families for four days-three nights.


Program Fees

Criteria Early Bird Reguler
Indonesian/UGM Students Rp 6.500.000,- Rp 7.500.000,-
International Students $875 $925
UGM’s Partner University Students* $775 $825
Observer $800 $850

 *Kindly confirm whether or not our university has partnership with IRO at your university or our participant coordinator.


When Should I Pay The Registration Fee?

You will have to be selected as a participant of DREaM 2017 first in order to pay for the registration fee. If you got selected as a participant, you will get the letter of acceptance immediately. You are required to pay for the registration fee as soon as possible, or until June 30, 2017 for Early Bird application and until July 31, 2017 for regular application. You will have to send the scanned transfer receipt as a prove of your payment via email to


How do I get Indonesian Visa?

Before your departure, you could prepare your visa arrangement at Indonesian Embassy or representative in your country. Indonesia Government has granted visa on arrival favor to 66 countries to be able to arrange their visa upon their arrival in Indonesia. Visa on arrival can not be extended or converted into another immigration permit. The maximum stay permitted is thirty (30) days.

1. Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival

The general requirements for Visa on Arrival are:

a. The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.

b. Round-trip airplane ticket


Countries that may apply for a Visa on Arrival

Andorra Hungary Poland
Argentina India Portugal
Australia Iceland Qatar
Austria Ireland Romania
Algeria Italy Russia
Bahrain Japan Saudi Arabia
Belarus Kuwait Syechelles
Belgium Latvia Slovak Republic
Brazil Libya Slovenia
Bulgaria Lithuania Spain
Czech Republic Liechtenstein South Africa
Canada Luxembourg South Korea
Croatia Maldives Suriname
Cyprus Malta Sweden
Denmark Mexico Switzerland
Estonia Monaco Taiwan PRC
Egypt New Zealand Timor Leste
Fiji Netherlands Tunisia
Finland Norway Turkey
France Oman Uni Arab Emirates
Germany Panama United Kingdom
Greece People’s Republic of China United States of America


For those who come from countries which are not listed above, please contact Indonesian Embassy in your country to arrange your visa. If you need any supporting documents related this program to proceed your visa, do not hesitate to contact us at


What to bring during the program?

1. Attire

Indonesia is tropical country where the sun shines in the whole year. The average temperature is between 28°C – 30°C and the humidity ranges between 70 and 90 percent. Therefore, it is suggested that you bring casual clothes for your casual times. Indonesia people do really pay attention about dress code, so please pack some formal clothes to attend formal events such as ceremony, lectures, and internship. If you have fan, umbrella or hat, it will be more comfortable to be packed as well. And don’t forget to bring your traditional clothes for cultural event. As summary, here is the list:

  • Formal Attire
  • Casual Attire
  • Traditional Clothes
  • Shoes and Slipper
  • Umbrella or hat


2. Sun block or High SPF Lotion

The heat of the sunshine may make you uncomfortable. To avoid burn and dry skin, sun block or lotion with high SPF could help.


3. Souvenirs

Since you will meet many participants from different countries, it will be good if you could exchange some souvenirs. But, this is not an obligation.


4. Stationary

Please bring at least one block note and pen just in case you need to note something during your travel. During the program, we will provide you with handbook and pen.


5. Laptop

We advise participants to bring their own laptop as it will be needed for their assignments during the program. Participants will take full responsibility for their own valuable things.


6. Money

You could find many things in Indonesia are cheaper from your country, that’s why some people tend to bring much money to spend. We suggest you to bring adequate cash for your personal expenses. You could also use your ATM Card here as long as you have Visa logo on it. Some charges may be applied for your transaction.


7. Camera 

Don’t forget to capture your memorable moments during the program.


If you still have some questions, kindly contact us.